UK Financial Services

b   The United Kingdom (UK) comprises of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is one of the fifteen member states of the European Union. It is regarded as one of the world´s great trading powers and leading financial centre, lying between Tokyo and New York. Whilst no longer a tax haven in the true sense of the word, the UK enjoys lower corporation tax rates in comparison to other EU countries. The UK is also party to more double tax treaties than any other sovereign state therefore a UK company can form an important taxplanning tool.

Limited Liability Company

b Companies Act 1985 (amended) provides for the Incorporation of a Limited Liability Company. This type of company limits member’s liability to the amount unpaid on shares they hold. The company is a legal person in its own right. It is separate from those who run it and has “limited liability”. Limited Liability gives the owners of the company (its shareholders) protection if the company fails. A very popular type of company due to its Common Law base and relative cheapness to incorporate.

Each corporate package includes:
b Certificate of Incorporation
b Memorandum and Articles of Association
b Appointment of the First Director
b Registered Office service to December following incorporation
b Registered Agent service to December following incorporation 
b Share certificates
b Corporate Seal (may be delivered separately)

The complete corporate package is delivered by express courier.

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