Swiss Banking

Swiss Bank Accounts are used by smart, wealthy individuals and businesses who see the professionalism of Swiss Banking and the safety of banking within Switzerland.

Swiss banks are overseen directly by the Swiss government and managed in a different style to banks outside of Switzerland. This was proved by the 2008 crisis which did not effect Swiss Banking.

Swiss Private Banking

Swiss Private Banking offers Wealth Management, Wealth Planning, Asset Protection,Trust Formation, Family Office, Tax Consultations, Estate Planning, Portfolio Management, Asset Management, Swiss private banks are the preferred choice for wealthy individuals and corporations seeking to use the experience of Switzerlands oldest Private Bank and its prestigious and prolific Swiss private banking services. 

With a Swiss bank, you can be assured you will have the expertise of their consultants to help you with your wealth protection and asset management needs.

A Swiss private bank can also offer private bankingwealth management, wealth planning, investment planning and asset protection. Building relationships with clients and structuring Wealth Planning to suit their personal needs. Their financial expertise and efficient planning will produce prolific accounts for you. 

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About Switzerland

Our Swiss banking services are only negotiated for
"Private Swiss Banks" supervised by the SFBC


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