Saint Vincent & The Grenadines Offshore Services

b   Saint Vincent & The Grenadines (SVG) is an independent and politically stable nation, located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea to the north of Trinidad and Tobago. The strength of this jurisdiction is without doubt its financial privacy supported by its restrictive secrecy laws. The Preservation of Confidential Relationships (International Finance) Act 1996 fully supports confidentiality of all information filed with the Offshore Finance Authority of SVG. The International Trust Act, 1996 provides excellent features for foreign asset protection and strict trustee confidentiality. SVG has an excellent communications system and banking infrastructure. The comprehensive legislative changes to the International Business Act 1996 have placed SVG at the forefront of the world’s offshore financial centres.

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b By virtue of the International Business Companies Act 1996 an IBC in SVG is exempt from all taxes for 25 years. The most outstanding characteristic of an IBC in SVG is the flexibility of its corporate structure, for example annual financial reporting is not required. The IBC Act 1996 facilitates minimal reporting requirements as well as simple and fast incorporation procedures. An IBC in SVG is not subject to double tax treaties and exchange controls.

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