Singapore Offshore Services

b   The Republic of Singapore is situated at the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula. Strategically located along the major shipping and air routes of Asia, Singapore has excellent international trading links. It is a British Commonwealth country and gained independence from Great Britain in 1965, but still retains close links with the British Crown. Offshore investors are well served by representatives of most major international banks, financial institutions, investment management companies, accounting and legal firms. It is also one of the leading international financial centres with an advanced and bustling economy. It thrives on political stability, an excellent professional and technological infrastructure

Singapore Private Limited Company

b The most outstanding characteristic of a Singapore entity is that it is not perceived as a tax avoidance entity - it is a major trading entity in its own right. The movement of funds is free from any exchange control. This corporate vehicle can take advantage of the lowest tax rates in South East Asia and Singapore’s numerous tax treaties

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