Seychelles Offshore Services

b  The Seychelles comprises of a group of small islands situated in the Indian Ocean, to the north of Madagascar. The capital Victoria is located within Mahé, the main Island. The Seychelles is becoming one of the most attractive offshore financial international centres, due to the incentive laws implemented by its government. Investment Promotion Act was enacted in 1994 to encourage incoming investments. This jurisdiction offers total confidentiality and anonymity and is recommended for high profile trading operations. It has excellent up-to-date telecommunications network and advanced professional and technological infrastructures.

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International Business Company (IBC)

b The International Business Companies Act 1994 allows significant flexibility for this type of corporate vehicle. Along with minimal filing requirements and low government fees an IBC incorporated in the Seychelles represents excellent value for money. A Seychelles IBC is not permitted to trade or to own a real estate within Seychelles or to offer the service of registered office in the Seychelles. An IBC in the Seychelles is not subject to exchange or currency controls.

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