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b  New Zealand lies in the South Pacific Ocean and consists of two large islands and a number of smaller islands. Granted autonomy in 1947, New Zealand has a progressive economy that is based largely upon banking and finance. It has undergone substantial structural reform since 1984 and as a result has experienced economic liberalisation. There have been several reforms, such as the removal of interest and exchange controls allowing the free flow of capital in and out of the country. The government has implemented various changes to encourage greater investment in New Zealand. With the overall tax incentives highlighting the positive attitude of the government to place New Zealand amongst the best international financial centres.

New Zealand Company

b There is great flexibility in the incorporation and management of a New Zealand Company. It has no capital requirements and has a simple and fast incorporation procedure. With no annual government fees a New Zealand Company can be very cost effective. If 25% or more of the shareholding is overseas there is an obligation to file annual financial accounts.

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