The A to Z of Venture Capital Fundraising

If you are new into the world of business, then you might have heard of venture capital fundraising. But most people have little or no information about venture capitalists. There are a lot of misconceptions about the whole thing. 

In simple words venture capital is the money that is invested by venture capitalists in new and upcoming companies that have the potential to grow into major giants. If you think that venture capitalists are wealthy financers who wish to finance any new venture, then you are misinformed. 

Most venture capitalists are privately owned corporations with a huge pool of money that comes in from pension funds , endowment funds, corporations, foreign investors and wealthy individuals. 

But most venture capitalists have high expectations when it comes to returns. You can always expect a venture capitalist looking for a 10 fold return or more within a period of 5 to 10 years. 


Most venture capitalists will only finance small start up ventures. But there are some who need companies with a proven and established base. Also the venture capitalist will have an equity ownership in the business. They take part actively in management and related decisions.

Some capitalists also help in the development of new services and products. As the risks are high, the expectations for returns are also equally high. 


If you are looking for venture capital fundraising then there are many directories and associations that have memberships with several venture capitalists.

You can register with such associations to get links to individual Venture capital firms. Their guidelines and examples of the kind of companies that they have financed in the past are some of the details that you will get with such directories.

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