Will Your Business Benefit From Venture Capital?

Not all businesses can attract venture capital.Venture capital  is provided by a firm of professional investors that are generally seeking high growthbusiness opportunities  to invest in. They provide funds to help you grow your business but in return they often want shares in the business.

If you have a brilliant idea that has huge growth potential and are struggling to raise money through the normal channels then this route might be ideal for you. Be prepared to give away a large chunk ofyour business and remember that most venture capitalists will also want a say in how your business is run!

This method of raising funds is also a great way to get some fresh minds looking at your business idea. Venture capital investment companies have been investing in great ideas for many years and know how to turn great concepts into reality.

Do not approach a venture capital company if all you are seeking is money to clear your existing debts. They will not be interested! They are also not interested in providing funds so that you can buy your dream car or luxury house.

They are in the business of providing funds so that they can make money for themselves with the funds they provide you to assist your growth. Got the idea?

A well researched and carefully crafted business plan will definitely help you. How are you going to use their money? They will want to see it being used for growth, sales, marketing and creating value for them. They will not be happy if you use their funds to make a beautiful office! Remove any expenses that are not critical for growth and show them how you can generate profits and a return from their investment.

When a venture capitalist firm looks at your idea, they are also examining you. Millions of people have great ideas and to be honest, the majority of these people do not have a clue how to execute a plan.

If they like your idea, then they will want to get to know you in detail. What are your work ethics like? Why should they back you over the hundreds of other people that are competing with you for their money? Remember that they are most likely to be seeking a brilliant person with a great idea that can deliver them a "home run."

It also costs a lot of time and money presenting your idea to venture capitalists! They do not give anybody any money at the first meeting. In fact they might even meet you a dozen times only to completely reject your idea at the end! Be prepared for this and possibly try out your business plan with a more than one firm at the same time.

The costs will not be that much greater to present your case to two different companies at the same time! Remember that you are also dealing with personalities and one wrong word and they will kick you out before you can count to ten. I never said that it was going to be easy, did I?

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