Nevis Offshore Companies

b The Island of Nevis is located in the Eastern Caribbean, measuring 93 square kilometres. Nevis was once known as the ‘Queen of the Caribbean’ as it was the richest and most developed island in the Caribbean. Since gaining independence ion 1983, the Federation has had a history of political stability based upon the Westminster model of government and continuity of national policy. The major source of revenue is tourism followed by offshore financial services. Today, Nevis is recognised in the international arena as a predominant trust and company jurisdiction in the world and as a flourishing, mature and modern international financial centre. Nevis also enjoys secure stability, financial integrity and a well planned modern legislation.

Nevis Offshore Company Formation

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

b The Limited Liability Company can be used for any business venture or professional practice anywhere in the world outside Nevis. This includes; real estate holdings, manufacturing concerns and operational or investment vehicles for offshore trusts. The Limited Liability company is a different business entity that offers an alternative to partnerships and corporations by combining the corporate advantages of limited liability with the partnership advantage of pass-through taxation. With this type of company the officers are known as Members and not Directors or Shareholders.

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