Mauritius Offshore Company Formation

d Mauritius is a multi-cultural Island, which has achieved a peaceful coexistence. The economy of Mauritius is growing from strength to strength since 1991. Mauritius is a fast-growing offshore financial centre enjoying a stable political atmosphere and benefiting from a government keen to develop the financial sector of the economy. The Island has attracted many foreign investors, especially in the banking sector. The telecommunications network is good. The access to the Island is easy and the transportation system by routes within Mauritius is excellent.

International Company (IC)

d An IC is very similar to the standard IBC. Minimal and flexible statutory requirements and low government fees make this corporate vehicle very attractive and inexpensive. A Mauritius IC is exempt from tax and from exchange control. An IC cannot benefit from the double tax treaties signed by Mauritius with numerous countries. An IC must be owned by a person who does not reside on the Island. An IC is not permitted to carry on business either with residents in Mauritius or in Mauritian rupees. This corporate vehicle is not allowed to hold either real estate within Mauritius or any other interest in any other companies than Offshore Companies. An IC is suitable for shipping activities provided that these activities are carried out outside Mauritius. Shipping activities are restricted to the registering of ships under the Mauritius Flag. There are only few restrictions on the type of business and trade carried on by an IC such as banking, insurance and reinsurance business. The migration of the International Company out of Mauritius to another jurisdiction is possible.

Mauritius Offshore Company

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