Marshall Islands Offshore Company Formation

d The Marshall Islands consist of a group of islands in the south Pacific, located between Indonesia and Hawaii. The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) became an independent and sovereign nation in 1986 after signing the Compact of Free Association with the United States (and became a full member of the United Nations in 1991). The RMI has a politically stable government and excellent communications. As well as a rapidly growing ship registry, the RMI has advanced professional and technological infrastructures. The movement of funds is free from any exchange or currency controls

Non Resident Corporation

d The Associations Law of the Republic of the Marshall Islands 1990, which incorporates the Business Corporation Act (BCA), governs a non-resident domestic corporation. The BCA contains provisions that provide for absolute confidentiality and anonymity. The BCA is modelled after the corporate laws of New York, Delaware and certain provisions of British law. For example, facsimile filings are permitted and a managing director and a corporate secretary is also permitted. The flexibility in the legislation allows a company incorporated in the Marshall Islands to operate with the ease. A non-resident domestic corporation is quickly and easily formed at a low cost and is simple to maintain and administer

Marshall Islands Company

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