Hong Kong Offshore Company

b Located in the South China Sea, Hong Kong consists of a large number of islands and a part of the Chinese mainland. As a result of its geographical location and excellent harbour, Hong Kong has become a focal point for international trade. In July 1997 all of Hong Kong became a Special Administration Region (HKSAR) of the Republic of China. The aim was to maintain HKSAR and the Republic of China as separate governmental, legal and economic systems. Its strong infrastructure, low tax rate and its minimal government regulation have enabled Hong Kong to position itself as the gateway of the financial centre of the Pacific and Far East.

Hong Kong Limited Company

b One of the major advantages of utilising a Hong Kong entity is that it will not be perceived as a tax avoidance vehicle, as Hong Kong is a major trading entity in its own right. There is no capital gains tax and exchange control. The basic law of Hong Kong guarantees free trade as well as low taxes.


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