Gibraltar Offshore Company Formation

dThe Rock of Gibraltar is located at the entrance of the Mediterranean. Its strategic location and history have made it an international symbol of solidity and strength, and it frequently features in the world press and media.

Gibraltar is connected to Spain by a sandy isthmus, a ferry to Morocco and flights to London. The subject of repeated conquest and sieges, Gibraltar has been a British Territory since 1704. Ceded forever to Britain by Spain in the Treaty of Utrecht (1713), Gibraltar joined the EU in 1973, under the British Treaty of Accession.

The Gibraltar Companies Ordinance, which is based on the Companies Act 1929 of the United Kingdom which has been amended and enhanced. The tax status for various types of Gibraltar companies is established primarily by the Gibraltar Companies (taxation and concessions) Ordinance of 1967.

There are various types of companies allowed under Gibraltar Law, including Gibraltar tax exempt companies, Gibraltar Non-Resident Companies, Gibraltar Hybrid Companies and the Gibraltar Qualifying company. We recommend the Non-Resident Company as the most practical type to meet your needs for offshore international business activities.

Gibraltar Offshore Company

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