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The Commonwealth of Dominica, commonly known as Dominica, is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. To the north/northwest lies Guadeloupe, to the southeast Martinique. Its size is 754 square kilometres (291 sq mi) and the highest point in the country is Morne Diablotins, which has an elevation of 1,447 metres (4,750 ft). The Commonwealth of Dominica has an estimated population of 72,500. The capital is Roseau. Dominica is one of the best offshore tax havens in the Caribbean, which offers a safe and legitimate way to minimize your taxes. There is no need to travel to Dominica in other to register offshore company. You can simply order offshore company right over the internet within 1 day the company can be formed and the document send to you by fax or e-mail; within 3-4 days you will receive offshore documents via international courier service without any middlemen. 

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