Costa Rica Bank Account

  Foreign investors remain attracted by the country's political stability and high education levels, and tourism continues to bring in foreign exchange. Low prices for coffee and bananas have hurt the agricultural sector but the country's offshore sector makes this an attractive juristiction.

Over the last few years Costa Rica has emerged as the most attractive and safest destination for foreign investment and not by chance. The tax laws and financial security issues are governed by a consistent and pro-US stance taken up by the financial institutions and the Costa Rican government itself.

The Costa Rican government and the powers to be advocate free trade across continents very vocally. Costa Rica already has free trade ties with many countries in Latin America including Mexico. With the development of many infrastructure rich free zones and a plethora of tax holiday opportunities, Cost Rica has literally opened up the investment options for many companies across the world. The enticing flavor of tax free economic zones is a very big motivator for these companies and a lot of big companies like Intel, Acer and Western Union have made substantial investment sin the country showing and paving path for others.

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