British Virgin Islands Company

 Located in the Eastern Caribbean region, the British Virgin Islands are an English speaking Dependent Territory of the United Kingdom. The Islands are politically stable and possess a well-developed commercial and professional infrastructure. Since the introduction of the International Business Company in 1984, the Islands are now an eminent corporate domicile jurisdiction. There are now over 300,000 IBCs incorporated in the BVI, used for holding, trading and investments. The government has strengthened and enhanced legislation to prohibit the formation of offshore banks on the Island and has in return reduced money laundering activities greatly. As a result of its highly flexible and modern legislation BVI has become extremely popular in the offshore market.

International Business Company (IBC)

 The International Business Companies Act 1984 grants all IBCs in BVI complete exemption from tax. This includes exemption from capital gains tax and all forms of withholding tax. IBCs have minimal reporting requirements. The flexibility of this legislation enables fast and low cost incorporation

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