Aruba Offshore Company

 Aruba is situated in the Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuela. Formerly forming part of the Netherlands Antilles it became constitutionally autonomous in 1986 and is relatively new to the offshore status. Banking, licensing, insurance and holding companies are the main offshore sectors. Tourism also plays a paramount part in the economy of Aruba. It has a well-developed financial and professional infrastructure. Renowned for its strict anti-money laundering laws, Aruba is establishing itself at a fast rate as an international financial service centre.


Exempt Company

 The Aruba Exempt Company (A.E.C.) was establised in 1988 and is considered to be quite an attractive corporate vehicle. It is exempt from all taxation which gives it great value in the offshore sector. The A.E.C. may be utilised as an investment, a trading or a holding company. This type of company is meant to be a vehicle to further develop the financial service sector of Aruba. The most outstanding characteristic of an A.E.C. is the flexibility of its corporate structure. Annual financial statements are not required.

Each corporate package includes:
 Certificate of Incorporation
 Memorandum and Articles of Association
 Appointment of the First Director
 Registered Office service to December following incorporation
 Registered Agent service to December following incorporation 
 Share certificates
 Corporate Seal (may be delivered separately)

The complete corporate package is delivered by express courier.

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