Antigua Bank Account

Antigua and Barbuda are a business person's paradise. They have an excellent reputation for tax haven banking and are located in a convenient time zone which make it an extremely attractive international business haven.

Antigua and Barbuda boast first rate services including legal and financial services and excellent banking facilities. Tax haven companies benefit from minimal bank fees, as little as 3% on gross income and they can also be exempt from taxes in regard to international trade, investment or commercial activity.

Residents enjoy paying no personal income tax or tax on capital gains. Confidentiality is of key importance in Antigua and Barbuda and severe penalties are imposed for institutions leaking information, however criminals are by no means protected. The laws in Antigua and Barbuda make it secure tax havens of international repute.

If this doesn't sound as appealing as you would like, Antigua and Barbuda recreational facilities make them a one spot haven. Located just 17km from the equator means this is one of the sunniest spots in the Caribbean. This is a paradise for those who love water activities. Or if you are looking for something other than water activities the internet gaming business is thriving.

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