Anguilla Company Formation

 Anguilla is situated in the Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico and is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands. The Island’s status as an offshore centre is relatively new, however Anguilla has modern legislation and considered a well-regulated jurisdiction. It is a stable country with excellent communication networks. Anguilla has no foreign exchange controls or double tax treaties.


International Business Company (IBC)

 An IBC in Anguilla represents excellent value for money, with rapid incorporation and substantial flexibility as to company name. With the trust and company legislation recently modernised, the country can continue to provide a service and product equal to that elsewhere. An IBC is tax exempt for 50 years. Companies that are incorporated in any other jurisdiction may be continued in Anguilla as an IBC.

Each corporate package includes:
 Certificate of Incorporation
 Memorandum and Articles of Association
 Appointment of the First Director
 Registered Office service to December following incorporation
 Registered Agent service to December following incorporation 
 Share certificates
 Corporate Seal (may be delivered separately)

The complete corporate package is delivered by express courier

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