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A Swiss bank account used to offer full anonymity with private wealth management, private banking, trust formations, company formation, asset protection, investment strategies, tax minimilisation strategies and more...

Swiss banks have a global clientel of corporate and private clients providing them with; international tax advice, private swiss bank accounts, wealth management, asset protection, commercial and business banking and investment strategies.

Setting up a Swiss Private Bank Account is simple. You do not have to come to Switzerland, it can all be done by post / courier. For High Net Worth Individuals wishing to deposit or invest $1,000,000 USD or more contact a Swiss Bank to speak to Swiss Private Banker.

US clients who would like to open a Swiss Private Bank account would need to deposit a minimum on $1,000,000 USD (the account manager will talk you through the process).

Asset Protection Services, Investment Solutions, Fund Management, Trust Formations, Wealth Management, Tax Solutions, Inheritance Planning, Debit Cards, Credit cards & Numbered Accounts.
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