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Opening a Swiss Bank Account is not to be confused with the opening of a Swiss Private Bank Account or any other Offshore Bank Accounts, the services offered are varied. Swiss Banks welcome accounts from foreign residents all over the world. The main reason for wanting a Swiss bank account has to deal with the legendary privacy such an account provides.

  1. Investigate which Swiss Bank Account Services you require, they include Wealth ManagementInvestment SolutionsVenture Capital and Trust Formations, to name but a few.
  2. Know that If you're looking for a way to "protect' assets from snoopy investigators, a Swiss account can be the ideal place.
  3. Have your privacy held in the utmost confidentiality in a Swiss Bank Account
  4. Contact an established bank in Switzerland.
  5. The Swiss Bank will advise you on the best options available for you.
  • If you have liquid assets worth $300,000 or more you may wish to investigate Swiss 'Private' Banking further as their are a wide array of services offered for substantial amounts.
  • The Swiss have some of the tightest regulations in the entire world as far as who can gain access to your account.
  • Currently an estimated one-third of all funds held outside their country of origin (sometimes called "offshore" funds) are kept in Switzerland.

A financial background check on any individual wishing to open an account is now policy for Swiss Bank Accounts.

Who can open a Swiss bank account?

In principle, any adult person can open an account at a bank in Switzerland. However, banks reserve the right to reject customers. For example, a bank might refuse to offer banking services to a so-called "politically-exposed person" who the bank believes would pose too great a reputational risk if he or she were to become a client. A bank might also refuse to start a banking relationship if it has doubts about the origins of the potential client's funds because Swiss banks are forbidden by law to accept money which they know or must assume stem from crime.

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