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Many are searching for an effective offshore debit card or offshore credit card solution to be able to withdraw cash from ATM machines and make payments on the internet and in retail stores.

Whether you are a company or an individual we have an effective card solution for you.

We can provide MasterCard or Visa prepaid cards for global access to your funds.

This is a very useful tool and can be used independently or in addition to our Treasury Accounts.

The main features of the pre-paid debit cards are as follows:

  • The Cards available are MasterCard (available to UK Citizens only) or Visa (available to international clients).

  • Personal or Company cards available.

  • To qualify for a card we just need to verify your details - available for Foreign Nationals, self employed, companies, bankrupts, entrepreneurs.

  • MasterCard’s operate in multi-currency, USD, GBP & Euro. Visa cards operate in USD.

  • Minimum ID requirements: Personal: Passport or Driving licence & Proof of Residence. :Corporate additional company documents are required.

  • No Credit Checks are required.

  • No Bank References are required.

  • Cards can be used to make purchases at more than 12 million electronic merchants worldwide. Purchases can be made via the internet and retail stores.

  • Cash can be accessed using your card from over 1,000,000 ATM’S worldwide. 

  • Card to Card transfers available. 

  • The MasterCard’s and Visa cards have a 0.00% APR for the life of the agreement.

  • Low transaction Fees. 

  • For security you are provided a Unique PIN Code & CVV Security Code (on the back of the card) so that you can also use for internet transactions. 

How do the cards work?

The cards are 0.00% APR prepaid cards (for the lifetime of the agreement). You can load up to $10,000 as a security deposit. This same amount is then loaned to you (0.00% APR) against the security deposit and is made available on the card.

This has the increased benefit of working like a debit card, but having the flexibility and worldwide acceptance of Visa or MasterCard

What are the Setup and Card Fees?

The cost of each card is £100 see currency converter for approximate cost in different currencies (LINK)

Operating Fees

                                                Visa                              MasterCard

Card Activation Fee:                   2.45                              5.00

Monthly Maintenance Fee:           4.95                              5.00

Credit Recharge Fee:                  4.95                              2.00

ATM use Fee:                             3.00                              1.95

POS (Retail Use) Fee:                  0.50                              1.20

Decline Fee:                               0.00                              2.00

How to order

Our prepaid Cards can clearly be of great benefit to you or your business. 

We would like to ensure, that it is very easy for you to secure your own card, through the following steps.

Four Easy Steps to a Credit Card:

1. Fill out the product request form below. You will now receive full product details and the secure application form for the card type of your choice.

2. After reviewing the information, should you wish to order you simply fill out the secure order form provided and arrange payment.

3. Following the directions on the application, send the signed form with relevant copies of ID to the address provided.

4. Upon receipt of your signed application form & copies of ID your card will be printed and sent to you within 2 weeks.

You now have a secure prepaid card that can be used with your treasury account and used to access your funds whenever you want.

Debit cards are currently unavailable, contact us for more information

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